EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute

An EMOM is an endurance workout that has you doing an element, or series of elements, once per minute for a specified number of minutes.  For example:

5 Minute EMOM        100 Yard Sprint

This means you will have a 1 minute timer (or clock) and the time starts when you start your first 100 yard sprint.  You complete the sprint and rest until the beginning of the next minute.  You then do another 100 yard sprint, and rest again. You repeat until you have run five 100 yard sprints.

Another example:

5 minute EMOM      5 Burpees
.                                         5 Push Ups

This means at the start of the first minute you will do 5 Burpees then immediately do 5 Push Ups.  You will then rest for the remained for the first minute.  You will repeat this 5 times so you end up doing 25 Burpees and 25 Push Ups total.