Online Player Training Program

The Lacrosse Institute (TLI) is excited to announce the release of our Online Player Training Program. This is the prefect at-home training program for any level or age of lacrosse player.  Using our cutting edge player development curriculum we have developed a program that puts players through 3 workouts a week.   This program includes both Conditioning and Skill based workouts that gives any athlete everything they need to be the best player they can.

Every Monday , Wednesday and Friday morning we will post a new workout on our site.  That URL will be sent to you after registration. Each workout has approximately 30 minutes of Conditioning work and 30 minutes of Skill work.  Following our curriculum has proven to be the best player development program available anywhere.  Done at your leisure, at the field or at home, this can be fit into any student athletes schedule.

We are offering this program for free until June 1st, 2020. After that it will cost roughly $10 per month.  However we will be offering discount codes to our affiliated programs.  What we are asking for in return is feedback in the next 6 weeks.  We want this to be simple to use and your feedback can help us make the experience the best it can possibly be.

To register for free (no card required), please go to:

TLI Online Player Training Program Details

TLI Online Player Training Program Registration

Thank you!!!

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