TLI has composed a very in-depth philosophy of training players and coaches, and it published in both text and video formats.  All of this information is available to coaches and programs that are currently involved in a TLI program.  The philosophy goes into minute detail of what to teach and how to teach all different age levels and skill/competition levels.   We are continually developing and updating this philosophy to remain current and cutting edge in the game.

Box-to-Field Philosophy:TLI’s personnel not only has dozens of years of experience playing field lacrosse at the highest level collegiately and professionally, we also have many years of professional and international box lacrosse experience. There are many skills that come from playing box lacrosse that have allowed a significant number of box lacrosse players to develop into some of the best Division 1 and Professional Lacrosse players, both offensively and defensively, in the world. These small yet significant skills that when used appropriately become part of a concept on the field.  These skills include, but are not limited to, Faking, finishing, dodging, playing in tight spaces and defending on and off ball.  TLI has developed the ability to teach these skills properly and immediately translate them onto the field.