Halfy Ground Balls – Lacrosse

This is similar the the Skip and Scoop Ground Balls drill.  The difference is that you only have half as many balls as there are players. Spread the balls and players out.  Once the whistle blows players immediately try to pick up a ball.  A player that gets to a ball immediately picks it up and gets his head up to  pass the ball to a player that does not have a ball. All players should have their head up and look for open lanes both for passing and receiving.  Players without balls should try to alert someone picking up a ball that they are open by calling their name.  Once the pass is made and completed, the ball should be dropped, and each player should either look for another ball to pick up or look to receive a pass by calling someones name.  Players are not allowed to throw a pass to, or receive a pass from their most recent partner.

Run this drill for about 2 minutes.  It is important for the coach to keep the energy going by attending to players form, and reminding them to communicate loudly.  Without the coach being vocal, the energy in the drill can fall off quickly.  We are looking for the players to really work on getting the ball up and out of their stick as quickly as possible.