Dodge the Cones – Girls Stick Protect

Drill Set Up:

In this drill the players will be dodging cones that are set up in a straight line.  The girls will be in a single file line.  There should be no more than 5-6 players in any given line.   Set up multiple courses of cones.  The first cone should be about 5 yards from the front of the line and then they should be spaced about about 4-5 yards apart (depending on age).  You should try to get 5-6 cones in each course.

Drill Execution:

Each player should have a ball in their stick and be ready to go.  The first player in line approaches the cone and pretends that it is a defender.   She will be going around the cone on her stick side, meaning righties will go to the right of the cone.  To protect the stick from the cone, they will hold the stick back and roll shoulder that is nearest to the defender forward (some call it “closed”).  The stick should be held so that it is behind both shoulders as it passes the cone.  It is also important to stress that the player must accelerate past the cone and get back to the center of the cones again to set up the next dodge.  The next players starts after the first player exits their first dodge.

Stress Points:

  • Stick vertical and back in their stance
  • Front shoulder rolled forward or “closed”
  • Accelerate past the cone
  • recover to the center of the cones