Dodge the Cones – Girls Facedodge

Drill Set Up:

This drill is setup and run the same way as Dodge the Cones – Girls Stick Protect

Drill Execution:

Each player should have a ball in their stick and be ready to go.  The first player in line approaches the cone and pretends that it is a defender.   She will be going around the cone on her off-stick side, meaning righties will go to the left of the cone.  The player approaches the cone and holds the stick as if they could make a pass.  At about 1 yard before the cone (outside of the defenders checking range) the player should bring the stick across her face in a cradling motion (remember to curl their wrists).  The stick should be held as far back and possible and shoulder that is nearest the cone (righties will be the right shoulder) should protect the stick.  The player will show part of her back to the defender.  She must not break stride and make sure that she accelerates past the cone.  Once past the cone she can being the stick back to the threat position, get back to the middle of the cones and approach the next cone.

Stress Points:

  • Approach cone in a threat position
  • Cradle across face and stick should be as far across body as possible
  • Front shoulder closed to protect stick
  • Accelerate past the cone
  • Recover to the center of the cones