Small Sided Lacrosse

TLI is introducing a cutting edge training program for new and existing programs and players across the country.  Featuring small sided play and age appropriate field and goal sizes, this small sided model gets players through a progression of skills and concepts faster than any other program.  All curriculum is implemented by a TLI Certified Master Coach.

The key elements are:

  • U-9 and U-11 (and beginner U13 and U15) play 5v5 called “FIVES”
  • 4 v 4 plus goalie
  • all players play both ends
  • no offsides
  • no long poles
  • 50 yd x 30 yd field
  • 5′ x 5′ goals
  • 12 players max per team
  • U-13 and U-15 play 7v7 called “SEVENS”
  • 6 v 6 plus goalie
  • 2 defense ; 2 midfield; 2 attack & 1 goalie
  • includes offsides
  • 2 long poles, but not taller than the player
  • 70 yd x 40 yd field
  • 6′ x 6′ goals
  • 16 players max per team

This model maximizes many things that hinder the development of many programs and players:

  • Maximizes field space
  • Maximizes coaches efficiency
  • Maximizes player participation
  • Maximizes player touches
  • Minimizes need for large participation numbers
  • Can be run as a self contained League

This program is great for youth programs that want to add another short inexpensive season for those players that are interested.  This can be run at any time of year that fields and climate allow.  It can also be run indoors or out depending on the facilities available.

For More information please contact Todd Francis at:

Phone: (978) 764-1341