Coach/Player Youth Training League

In this innovative concept, we take both coaches and players through a season of training and competition.   Each team consists of 18-21 players and 2-3 coaches from the same town or regional program.  The League will consist of 4 teams of the same age level and general geographic location.  The program begins with a 2 hour coaches meeting to go over the curriculum and logistic of the League.  We then take the coaches and players through a 4 hour coach/player hybrid workshop.  During this workshop we will inject our skills, concepts and philosophies for the entire season.   Each coach will then receive a season of Select Level Practice plans that will guide them through the rest of the season.  The season will consist of 6 games (each team plays each other twice, home/away), and a final playoff day.   This is a program that gives both coaches and players the absolute best training available anywhere at a fraction of the cost of every other program.

The program will consist of:

  • 4 hour Coach/Player Hybrid Workshop
  • 6 games (2 against each other team home/away)
  • 1 playoff day
  • Coaches receive Select practice plans for the entire season w/videos
  • Teams use their town uniforms for town pride/recognition
  • Teams provide fields for games
  • Coaches receive sideline apparel
  • 2 Certified Official for each game

Cost of the program is approximately $2,500 per team depending on location.

Town Program OCEP/Workshop Special: Every Program in the League has the option to have all of the rest of the coaches in the program receive Town Level Practice Plans and also to attend the Coaches Training associated with the League. The cost for this comprehensive training access is $750.  This will give every coach in the program a complete immersion in the best coaches training program available anywhere.

For questions or further information please contact:

Todd 764-1341