College Development Program

The current culture of club-based preparation for future college student athletes is by no means a perfect system.  It offers players an opportunity for exposure and competition in tournament play.  However, training is by far the most important aspect of a student athlete’s development.  TLI recognized this issue and has developed a program that offers every player the ability to maximize their technical, athletic and cognitive abilities.

Check out this video:

Coach Mike Boyle on Training

One great quote from Coach Boyle in that video was this:

“The problem is that most people will spend all of their time trying to show everybody how good they are, playing in games, than they will training to get better, so they can play better in those games.”

TLI offers the highest level of training available anywhere. Our Skill-to-concept philosophy has proven to be the best way to maximize every athletes physical and mental capabilities, thereby maximizing their overall lacrosse acumen.

Developing an elite student athlete goes much further than just on-field skill building.  Through our 6-part Lecture Series we explore subjects such as physical and mental development, fitness and nutrition and also delve into how to get recruited and what the life of a college student athlete is like.  This program goes into more subjects in more depth than any program ever created.

In addition to 11 field sessions, our 6-part Lecture Series includes seminars involving:

  • Physical Preparation
  • Mental Preparation
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Navigating the recruiting process
  • Life of a College Student Athlete
  • And more……

This program is for the dedicated athlete that wants to spend 5 days on intense skill and concept development along with learning about all of the other aspects involved in becoming the best student athlete possible.  We will have 2 field sessions and 1 classroom session each day.

At the end of the program, each student will receive an in-depth evaluation that will discuss every aspect of the individual player’s progress and performance through our curriculum.  Written by the directors, this evaluation is a guideline for the student athlete’s future development and a great benchmark for self-evaluation and understanding.

The program is run by 2 College All Americans that also played both indoor and outdoor professionally for almost 25 years combined. They also have over 20 years of college coaching and 30 years of high school coaching under their belts.  Both have coached in the professional leagues, indoor and outdoor, and Team USA Indoor and Team USA U-19 Indoor. We round out the staff with college coaches and specialists that cover all aspects of the game (including Face off and Goalies).