Box Immersion Training

Playing box lacrosse has proven to be the most efficient manner to develop fundamental and cutting edge skills.  Being in an enclosed and confined space, it forces each player to increase his stick skills, body position, faking and finishing faster than would be true if he was on a field.  Our Box Immersion Training is typically a 2 day training session where the players get 6 hours in a box with TLI Certified Coaches.  We take the players through a progression of skill and concept development that improves offensive and defensive IQ in just 2 days.

Benefits of Box Immersion:

  • Cutting edge stick work
  • Faking and Finishing
  • Offensive and defensive body position
  • 2-man game
  • Off Ball Concepts

All players play with short sticks.  This forces the defensive player to concentrate more on body position and footwork than reaching with his stick.  It also allows the offense to get comfortable playing close to a defender and dodging physically.

For pricing and date openings please contact Todd Francis at:

Phone: (978) 764-1341