3’s Ground Balls

This is a simple ground ball drill that works on picking up a ground ball and immediately getting your stick to a threat position and moving that ball. Set up just like all of our 3’s drills. The middle man throws the ball to one end. The end player receiving the ball rolls the ball so it stops about 4 yards in front of him. The middle man runs past the ball and all the way up to their partner. They turn around right in front of their partner and, with proper form, explodes and picks up the ground ball. He must accelerate through the ball and get their stick up to a threat position right away and throws to the other end man. The process then repeats.

Stress Points

  • End Man rolls the ball out 4-5 yards so it stops
  • Accelerate through the pick up
  • Stick immediately goes to a threat position
  • Pass the ball within a couple of steps op picking up the ball