Coaches Education Program – Basic

Welcome to TLI’s Online Coaches Education Program (OCEP). In this basic program you will learn how to become and effective and efficient coach for players from the first time beginner to somewhat experienced player. Even if you were coaching much more advanced players, these are still the steps that you would follow to begin working with them. The difference is the pace at which you can progress through the curriculum.

Below are the resources that you need to learn to take this first step in our program.

If you have any questions regarding anything in the above curriculum, please reach out to Coach Francis at the address below. We are always looking to make this curriculum better!

TLI’s full Coaches Education Program that is used by youth and high school programs across the country also include:

  • Player Development Philosophy 2
  • Coaches Development Philosophy 2
  • Skill to Concept Philossphy 2
  • Expanded Drill Library
  • Detailed Practice plans for any age group or skill level

If you are interested in discussing what is involved in making TLI’s curriculum available to your entire program, please reach out to Coach Francis at the address below.

Coach Francis
President/CEO The Lacrosse Institute