TLI Training and Recruiting Program

This unique program combines TLI’s intense training curriculum with a high tech recruiting platform unlike any on the market. With the most comprehensive recruiting product available, we educate players and their parents on all aspects of the recruiting process, while offering an unprecedented resource for college coaches: a multidimensional view of each players skill on the field. Our expansive curriculum offers an excellent pre-season training regime in itself, but because we prioritize the drills college coaches want to see in the recruiting process, we help players showcase the best of themselves, getting them ready for recruitment.

This program is the brainchild of TLI founder Todd Francis (Bio) and Guilford College Head Coach Tom Carmean (Bio).  Both were Division 1 All Americans and both played professionally for over a decade.  Coach Carmean has been recruiting players for over 20 years and Coach Francis has been helping players get recruited for over 15 years. The synergy of our combined backgrounds has allowed us to build a program that’s sure to become the Gold Standard for recruiting.

Training Sessions

Players will be run through three training sessions where they will progress through a curriculum that has been proven to build a players skill and IQ faster than any program available. The players will get an opportunity to run through every drill multiple times. We excel at running high-tempo multi-touch drills that give every player opportunity to perfect current skills, learn new skills and develop a true in depth understanding of the concepts associated with those skills.

Recruiting Video

All sessions will be filmed with Ultra High Definition cameras at the ideal vantage point to showcase player talent. Every rep and progression over all three training sessions will be professionally edited into a single video for each player. Following TLI’s exclusive training curriculum, the recruiting video rounds out an innovative player package that is precisely what every college coach wants: a true measure of a players ability in any and all situations.