TLI Tampa Face Off Training

TLI is very excited to offer its first Face Off training camp in Tampa.  The session will be directed by TLI Master Coach Todd Francis (Bio) and instructed by legendary Face Off coach Chris Marmiani (Bio).  Coach Marmiani has coached many current and past Face Off specialists from the MLL. Coach Francis has also seen first hand, from coaching his son who is an established college face off man, the immediate and positive progress that this curriculum delivers.  The camp will work on all aspects of face off work including:

  • Stretching and mobility based movements
  • Mechanics
  • Mental aspect of the position

We will be holding two 2 1/2 hour sessions.  One will be Saturday afternoon 2/11/17 and the other will be Sunday morning 2/12/17.  We are planning on running this at Anderson Fields in South Tampa, pending approval of exact time.  Players can attend one or both sessions for the same price.

Price of training camp: $95

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