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Coaches Education Program (CEP)


The Lacrosse Institute (TLI) and Master Coach Todd Francis have developed a unique program that gives all coaches in a program the tools to be the best coach they can and install a curriculum in the entire program that develops player’s skills and IQs faster than any other program available.  The TLI curriculum is built on progressions of fundamental and cutting edge skills that allow each player to improve on every rep.

We have developed a special program for all of the MBYLL affiliated programs for the Spring of 2017.  We have also chosen Metro Lacrosse as our Charity of Choice and will be donating 5% of all revenue to help develop players in the city of Boston.

TLI’s CEP consists of 3 units:

The first is our Coaches Seminar Video Series. This is a series of 15 minute videos that explain TLI’s coaching philosophy and how to properly execute the curriculum with proper coaching techniques.

The second step is a 2 hour on field Coaches Education Program, where TLI Master Coach Todd Francis (bio) will walk through the curriculum on the field.  We will have players on the field and the Master Coach will run through stickwork and fundamental skill progressions.  We will go through the skill and concept development progressions and then get into a bit of basic offensive and defensive strategy.

The final step is TLI’s Online Coaches Education Program (OCEP).  This is a series of player development plans that are designed for each age group, and for both boys and girls.  We have multiple skill levels for each age group as well so we should be able to find a plan that fits any program.  These plans include video and texts descriptions for each drill that clearly break down the teaching points and proper execution of the skill/drill that you will be running.  TLI will build a portal for your program where we will store all of your information and practice plans.

We have broken this into 2 different Packages:

Coaches Prep Program:  This consists of the Coaches Seminar Video Series and On Field Coaches Program.  The videos will be distributed the last two weeks of February and first two weeks of March 2017.  The on field program will be run sometime during the week of March 12th – 19th at a location to be determined.  The cost for this program is $750 and allows all of your coaches to register and attend.**

Online Coaches Education Program: This allows every coach to have access to TLI’s curriculum and practice plans online.  The cost for this program depends on the number of players in your program.  $750 for up to 200 players and $1,000 for more than 200 players.**

**There is a 10% discount for registering for either or both programs before December 1st 2016.  We also have a limited amount of scholarship help for new and emerging programs.

Please email Todd Francis ( to get your program started, or with any questions.