TLI Elite Training – Georgia

This program is an intense high-level training program that takes players through the entire TLI Elite Training curriculum in a single two-day period.  TLI’s curriculum has been proven to be the most efficient and effective training program available anywhere.  Run by Coach Todd Francis (bio), this program teaches players all of the skills and concepts necessary for them to be the best and most effective player that they can be.

Another aspect of this program that separates us from others is that we film all of the sessions and edit the film to show just all of the reps that we take and none of the ancillary activities.  Players can then take this film and edit it to show just their reps, and even just their good reps.  In our opinion this is a more complete representation of a player’s skills than a 10 minute highlight film that shows a player score 10 goals or a defender clear the ball twice and have a few takeaways.  The edited film could be less than10 minutes long and show 100+ reps by the player.


            Location:         Sawnee Mountain Park
            Dates:              January 11th and 12th 2020
            Times:             10 am–12 pm and 1 pm–3 pm each day
            Cost:               $175
            Film:               $150

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