Cox HS Implementation of Curriculum

Here is what to expect in this program for this coming spring.  We will hold 4 online conference sessions that will walk us through all of the curriculum that we will install for this spring.  The focus of each of these sessions will be as follows:

  • Session 1 – Skill and Concept Development – We will go in depth into all of the specific stickwork and skill development portions of our curriculum.  This will discuss or formations and drills and then we will delve into the particular skills that we will be going over. We will talk not only about the particular skills but also the ideas behind those drills and the concepts that we are teaching.  We will discuss the teaching points and common mistakes we find in these areas and how to detect and correct them.
  • Session 2 – Team Development – We will discuss of the offensive and defensive philosophy of our Team Development curriculum.  This will discuss the physical and mental progressions that we will be going through along with the teaching points and the common errors that we find in this portion of the curriculum.  This will take is from 2v0 drill all the way through 6v6 drills that we will run in our Workshop.
  • Session 3 – Offensive and Defensive Philosophy – We will discuss how all of these skills and concepts that we will be installing are to be used in our offensive and defensive agendas.  We will go over specific offensive sets and motions including even strength and extra man situations.   Defensively we will discuss general philosophies, man to man and different slide packages.  We will also go over man down situations and extra man defensive situations.
  • Session 4 – Weekend Workshop Preparation – In this discussion we go over the agenda for our workshop on January 22nd through 24th.  We will customize and finalize the curriculum to make the time there the most efficient as possible.  We will also go over the use of the Online Coaches Education Program that we will be using from that weekend through the end of the season.

We will be using Google Hangouts for all of these sessions.  If you do not already have a Gmail account, it would be best if you created one, as in my experience it seems to work best for these sessions.  I want these sessions to be interactive.  I will have slide decks up on my screen, and you will all be able to see them.  We will then be able to discuss any and all points so as to be able to cater them directly to your needs and desires.

As we go deeper into the sessions, it may be necessary for smaller groups to have conference calls to discuss future sesion (ie offensive and defensive philosophies).  We will address that during our first Session and schedule accordingly.